Someday Never Came

While casually scrolling through my newsfeed on Friday, I came across a photo of a friend I met several years ago at a dental conference in Atlanta. We happened to sit right next to each other in a continuing education class.

Before the lecture began, we introduced ourselves. I told her my name, and that I practiced dentistry in Georgia. She told me her name as well. She informed me that she was a dentist in the military. She was stationed in Nevada. She shared with me her dream of someday moving to Georgia. After the class ended, we both promised to stay in contact with one another via Facebook.

With all that being said, I can’t remember who sent who a friend request first.

After some time had passed, she sent me a message on Facebook. It read, “I am considering relocating to Georgia soon. Gotta pack it up soon.”

Unfortunately, she never got to fulfill her dream of moving to Georgia.

While casually scrolling through my newsfeed on Friday, it saddened my heart to see that the friend I met several years ago at a dental conference in Atlanta had recently passed away. Cancer had taken her life on the day after her birthday.

As I reflected on the recent passing of my dear father in June and my dental friend in September of this year, my spirit heard the words, “Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. No one knows how or when this chapter of their earthly life will come to an end.”

Sometimes, we live our lives as if tomorrow is promised to us.

But … it’s not.

Let me ask you a few questions. They are the same questions that I’ve asked myself:

“Are you appreciative of what you have?”
“Are you praying? Are you believing? Are you trusting God?”
“Are you doing what you love?”
“Are you preparing? Are you making an effort? Are you putting in the work?”
“Are you surrounding yourself with good people?”
“Are you making every day of this life count?”

With Love, Dr. K. L.

Author of “An Army of Words” and “Every Day Isn’t Perfect”: