Special Thanks To You

I’m feeling better today. Praising God for his strength and love. Shouting THANK YOU to each of you for your love, prayers, and hugs. God knew I’d need every single one of you. On this day, I dedicate my poem, “The Yellow Sun Has Risen” to my late father.

I hung upside down from the branch of self-pity
Buried my troubles deep within my old warped cocoon
And quietly reflected upon my past mistakes
As if worrying about the past
Would make my today a tad bit different
And as I hung from that branch
The weight of my worries
Became too much
Causing me to realize
That if that branch should break
Nothing could be done today
To change my yesterday
For yesterday, yesterday was such a grey dreary day
In my old warped cocoon, I shed so many tears
Remembering the painful regrets in life that made me cry
Crying for the ones who refused to be loved
For yesterday, that branch did break
But today, today the yellow sun has risen
From my old warped cocoon, I began to emerge
Living for the precious moments in life that make me laugh
Laughing with the one who has taught me how to love
Loving the yellow butterfly I have now become
For tomorrow, I shall open up my wings to fly

With Love, Dr. K. L.

Author of “An Army of Words” and “Every Day Isn’t Perfect”: amazon.com/author/iamklregister