Anything She Can Do, I Can Do Better

My mother lives in the deep South Georgia woods. About two weeks ago, she killed a snake that was hidden behind her front porch shutter. At first glance, she thought it was a lizard. However, she quickly realized that it was a snake and not a lizard.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am a country girl who has lived by the words, “Anything she (momma) can do, I can do better.”

If momma can do it, surely I can. If momma can cut the grass, surely I can. If momma can pull the weeds, surely I can. If momma can cut the hedges, surely I can.

Since, my husband had to work a 12 hour shift today, I thought it would be a nice gesture to cut the grass. I know, I know … that’s that wife of the year type of stuff.

I pulled my lawn mower out of the shed and began cutting the front of the yard. There wasn’t a need for me to rush. I took my time and worked my way to the back of the yard.

Now that same shed where the lawn mower was stored is in the back of the yard. While cutting the narrow strip of grass in front of the shed, my right armed gently brushed against one of the shutters.

Who knows how many times in the past seven years my arm has brushed against those shutters?

But, this time seemed different.

Something within me said, ” HEY! Pay attention! Remember, what happened to your momma.”

I pulled back the lawn mower. I looked up and down the front wall of the shed.

A brown colored snake poked its narrow head from behind one of the shutters.

Lord have mercy!

I almost backed that lawnmower out into the street. I think I called Jesus’ name about 394,231 times. Hmm …. it might have been 394,232.

After I realized that I was standing in the middle of my driveway calling on Jesus like a mad woman, I decided that it was time to call it quits for the day.

Special Notes:

Unfortunately, the wife of the year award goes to the woman who can keep her composure in the presence of a snake. (That’s so not this girl.)

As for, “Anything she (momma) can do, I can do better,” my momma wins hands down. I just can’t bring myself to kill a snake.

Special shout out to God for his protection. Special shout out to the Holy Spirit for bringing what my momma said to remembrance. And special shout of to to Jesus for bearing with me. I know it’s not easy Jesus.

With Love, Dr. KL 

Author of “Every Day Isn’t Perfect”: