Stay The Course

Earlier this week, I celebrated my 9 year anniversary at Family Dentistry. Ten years ago, I remember feeling depressed, discouraged, and defeated, because I didn’t know where I was headed (career-wise). I had quit my first job as a dentist. And to be honest, I’d thought about quitting dentistry altogether. I felt as if God had brought me to a certain point and left me all by myself to figure everything out all on my own.

But in the midst of my uncertainty and confusion, God showed me He was still with me. He had not left my side. He had not given up on me. Nor had he lost faith in what He had set out for me to accomplish (being a dentist). He was behind the scenes working on my behalf during the morning hour, the midday hour, and the midnight hour. He had begun a good work. He redirected my path. He guided my footsteps. He made a way when I couldn’t see a way.

Fast forward. Nine years later. I’m celebrating the week of my 9 year anniversary at Family Dentistry with you. Time does bring about change. I’m so grateful that God had not given up on me especially during the times when I allowed doubt and fear to settle in. I believe in my heart that He sent me to Family Dentistry to serve His purpose, to meet great people, to do good works, to fulfill my dream, and to help make a difference.

Sometimes, it’s easy to lose hope when you don’t fully understand God’s plan. It’s also easy to lose hope when you are unsure if your plan is in alignment with His plan. But keep talking to God. Keep listening. Keep believing. Keep putting in the work. Know that He is still with you. During the times of confusion. During the silent times. During the times of uncertainty. During the difficult times. He is working in the forefront and the background. In front of the camera and behind the scenes. He’s directing or redirecting your path. He’s preparing your way even when you can’t see the way. He’s doing a good work.

For the good book says, “… he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it.” (Philippians 1:6)

Thank God for another year. I’m praying for greater things to come. Thank you for sharing the journey with me. Keep the faith.

With Love, Dr. KL 

Author of “Every Day Isn’t Perfect”: