The Perfect Fit

I can usually tell within 15 minutes of speaking with a dental assistant if they are a good fit. Most dental assistants come for an interview with lengthy resumes describing where they have been. 

“I went to school here. I worked here. My responsibilities included … ”

But I love it when a dental assistant can verbally TELL me where they have been. Tell me about YOU! Tell  me about the road YOU have traveled. Show me your footsteps. 

“Why did you decide to become a dental assistant? What dental procedures have you been exposed to? What did you like? What did you dislike? Do you enjoy being a dental assistant? … ” 

For me, the most important thing that tells me whether or not someone will be a good fit is a person’s DRIVE (determination). 

“Are you hungry to learn and be one of the best?”

In my world, a dental assistant doesn’t have to know how to do everything perfect to be a perfect fit. They just need to be willing to listen, learn, and give their best. As for anything else … I can teach the rest. 

With Love, Dr. KL 

Author of “Every Day Isn’t Perfect”: