18 Replies to “Balance”

  1. I have just realised that I need balance. I am starting to works with my chakras hoping that this will help. I really do want to be happier than I am and I should be happier than I am but my anxiety and unbalancedness makes me struggle.

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  2. I’ve been reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s book, “May Cause Miracles,” and been working on the practice every day. Happiness is such a balance and a practice for the mind, body, and soul. Love this visual and reminder. 🙂
    Question, I want to email you a question, could I have your email instead of posting it on your blog as a comment? Thanks!


  3. I have a bulletin board on my bedroom wall, dubbed All that Makes me Happy, it’s filled with pictures of those I love and places we’ve been. Each morning as I crawl out of bed, or get into bed I see it, the smile on my face I can feel from heart to soul. Happiness is the contentment gained in what we are doing or seeing, if it doesn’t feel right, then we will never see happiness from that which we are doing; so we strive for the contentment we can grasp and hold on as tight as we can to. I learned many years ago to only keep the good in life, forgive the hurtful or bad and move on. This past weekend, I got to hold, feed, and comfort my baby Grandson, his gift to me was more powerful than the gifts I had waiting for him, that made me extremely happy.

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  4. Hello, for years I have heard people say things like, ” happiness is a choice” Happiness is this or that, what is happiness? What does this mean? I have read many, many books on the subject and I am willing to read yours. I just want to know what does happiness mean and how can it really be achieved.

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    1. In my opinion, happiness is a feeling (an emotion) that is affected by the decisions we make and the experiences we go through. I think when people say it’s a choice, they mean it’s a decision not to wallow in pity, to let go of fear, to not hold on to the past, etc. I hope this makes some sense.

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  5. Happiness involves balance. It’s being content with what you have as well as striving for what you don’t have.” You are so right! Why didn’t I possess your wisdom thirty plus years ago. It has taken the last ten years, and the death of my dear husband to accept this truism.

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